Breast pain is very common and sometimes called Mastalgia. Breasts respond to changes linked with the menstrual cycle.

Helpful Hints to relieve Breast Pain

  • You may need to try several of these ideas before finding whatworks for you. Lifestyle modifications should be tried first before medications.
  • Supportive bra at all times helps to reduce breast movement. The garments should give support without compressions. An overly tight bra will usually make pain worse, and narrow straps should be avoided.

Dietary Intake:

  • Decrease caffeine intake or stop altogether. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, cola and chocolate.
  • Decrease salt intake.
  • Decrease fat intake.

Stress and Anxiety:

  • Stress is very commonly one of the very significant factors in causing breast pain.


  • Patients who are generally inactive have achieved considerable benefit from commencing a simple exercise program eg. Such as a daily brisk walk for 30 minutes.


Evening Primrose Oil – 1000mg, 3 tablets per day available without prescription from your pharmacy, health food shop or supermarket. (Avoid if epileptic). This may be taken as a single dose or in two or three divided does. The active ingredient is GLA. There should be at least 100mg GLA per 1000mg tablet of Evening Primrose Oil. Continue on this dosage for 3 months.

After 3 months on Evening Primrose Oil:

  • If no improvement, cease and consider Vitamin B1.
  • If some, but insufficient improvement, consider adding Vitamin B1.
  • If adequate relief, try 2000mg daily and if appropriate, after a further 6 weeks try 1000mg daily.
  • Maintain whichever is the lowest dosage at which satisfactory pain relief is achieved.

Vitamin B1 –

  • 100mg daily for 6 weeks.
  • If satisfactory relief, continue.
  • If no relief, cease and get a further review by your doctor.
  • If some relief but not adequate, continue and add Evening Primrose Oil.